Düdles from the last week or two. 

Today’s work düdle. #sketchbook #coffee

Animation character design. Vern. #illustration #characterdesign

Crop of a painting I did between other stuff at work over the last two days. #painting #chickens

A Moby Dick cover is a requisite part of every illustrator’s repertoire, right?

Testing new in-the-works PS brushes with a couple of rip-offs. Downton and Schiele. 

I accidentally erased these doodles from earlier today. Kinda a bumski; I likes these. #sketchbook #drawing #selfie #justinbieber #yoloswag #thickfit

Thumbnail for a new thing. Might be a bit before I get around to finishing this though, got other stuff on my plate.

Every once in a while I have to remind myself that I can still paint. Photoshop, 20mins, from life.

A süper-late-night düdle from a few nights ago. Sometimes you just gotta get the weird out.